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Buy Something That Actually Saves You Money? That’s A Water Softener

20 December, 2010 (03:39) | Water Softeners | By: admin

For many of us in the areas of Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Brea, Garden Grove, La Mirada, Buena Park, or La Habra, we like to invest in energy-efficient appliances to save us money. Yet, we don’t always see the money until the long-term, as some of these appliances tend to cost a little more upfront. But what would you say if your home’s water was actually not letting you save the money you set out for because of the minerals it has in it? What if something as common as hard water was actually costing you more money in the long run on something that was supposed to save you money? We all invest in our homes, so why not invest in a new water softener that can save you money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

A new study by the Battelle Memorial Institute provides consumers with some information on how water softeners are an important part of any home’s appliances and how those appliances will perform better, while at the same time saving you money and greenhouse gas emissions. The water we use should be taken into consideration, and appliances that have to use hard water will use more of it and work harder. Likewise, they don’t have the same life expectancy as those used with water softeners, and will need more repairs and more replacements due to the buildup on pipes and fixtures brought about by hard water.

Luxury home and newer home owners may be less likely to think about purchasing a water softener, but with higher pressure fixtures, more bathrooms, bigger washers, and more appliances, hard water could be having an even worse affect on these homes. Call a reliable water treatment company today to get your free water test and see how much your water softener could be saving you. To read more from this study, click here.