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Are EPA Drinking Regulations Doing Enough to Keep Us Safe?

11 August, 2010 (05:03) | Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Reverse Osmosis, Water Coolers | By: admin

Mother Nature Network (MNN) recently published an article online that reveals the Environmental Protection Agency’s concerns over harmful contaminants found in our drinking water across the country.

Historically, the EPA had almost non-existent oversight of any drinking water limitations. But, after much research in recent decades and concern for health effects resulting from harmful pollutants in drinking water, the EPA created several regulations for amounts of minerals and other present elements in drinking water sources. Still, as new evidence is unveiled, there is a debate over whether or not these regulations are strict enough to keep the American public safe.

The EPA admits in the article that there is concern for the increasing threats in drinking water and that our water is only “generally” safe. Furthermore, data shows that no state in the country, with the exception of the District of Colombia, provides its citizens with purely safe drinking water, and all states have water systems with reported health violations and have a population served by contaminated water systems.

In a time where environmental debate and awareness is at its peak, millions of Americans are still faced with unsafe drinking water without even knowing it, or the levels of harmful substances they are taking in.

The threats that still cause health concerns are occurring for numerous reasons, many of which are outlined in detail in the article. Among these reasons are the bypassing of contaminants in filtration or treatment plants, naturally-occurring formations, water pollution, and underground injection. Currently, the EPA regulates 91 contaminants, but tens of thousands of chemicals leak into water sources each year. These chemicals potentially can have very serious health effects when ingested in large amounts and many Americans face this danger each time they drink from their own well or faucet.

State and national agencies and individuals pledge to continue reviewing regulatory levels and work to improve the technologies used to produce safe drinking water. But what many Americans already know, and others should look into, is that there is already this technology available with one call to Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton. Several options are available, including water coolers, reverse osmosis, de-ionized water and great service at an affordable price for any home or office. Don’t join the once popular phenomenon of bottled water either. Not all bottled water is proven to be any safer than tap water. In fact, besides leaving behind a big price tag, it also leaves behind non-biodegradable plastic waste. It is this waste that leads to the vicious cycle between drinking water and the pollutants that make it unsafe. The drinking water systems offered by Rayne leave behind no waste and are eco-friendly.