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Tag: commercial water treatment

The Difference Between DI Water and Distilled Water

4 December, 2023 (15:37) | Impurity Solutions, Uncategorized, Water | By: admin

As you begin looking into various water treatment systems for your business, you will learn the names of different water treatment products that are available for lease or purchase, as well as the type of water they produce. For example, have you heard of deionized water or DI water? How about distilled water? You may […]

Deionized Water Benefits Businesses!

5 February, 2021 (13:01) | Impurity Solutions, Uncategorized | By: admin

Most consumers have heard of water treatment, reverse osmosis or water softeners, but not many people are familiar with deionized water. Just what exactly are the benefits? Who should consider it? How does it work? These questions are asked by many of our existing and potential clients, so we wanted to share some information with […]

What is deionized water?

22 February, 2016 (09:57) | Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water | By: admin

For good or for bad, tap water quality has once again made its way back into the forefront of the news in our nation. Between drinking water contamination or lack of policy and poor decision making by our leaders, our water needs are changing in a society that is now aware of the dangers of […]

Commercial Water Softeners Good for Business

3 June, 2014 (09:13) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions | By: admin

You’ve invested a lot in your business and in turn, customer service. Could your business benefit even more from softened water? If you work or own a business like restaurants, health clubs, beauty salons, motels, hotels, resorts, condominiums, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, laundries, office complexes, apartments, car washes, farms and dairies, you may be […]