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Choosing the Best Residential Water Filter

21 October, 2014 (08:36) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

These days in the news, we hear too much about chemical spills, leaking oil tanks, toxic waste sites, pharmaceuticals in tap water and pesticide use which can cause a lot of concern for homeowners when it comes to drinking water contamination. Whether you get your water from a private well or a municipal water system, you are probably worried about what is really in your drinking water. And although not all contaminants can be seen, smelled or tasted, some will in fact alter the taste of your drinking water and could be affecting your coffee, tea or other foods and drinks which use water – or worse, your health. You may want to consider having your water tested. By identifying which contaminants are present, you can then choose a water treatment system that is certified to address your major water quality concerns.

Many consumers look for various products on the market as a solution and there are certainly plenty of avenues to consider. But pitcher filters are not as effective as you may need and bottled water is a terrible choice in terms of environmental impact. We recommend a home water filter like an RO system to remove harmful contaminants and greatly improve the quality of your drinking once and for all. The trick is finding the best residential water filter to meet your contaminant needs and meet your individual household demands. Reverse osmosis is a common treatment system because it removes a large amount of contaminants quite effectively. Many units are stored under the sink and have a simple spigot over the counter for getting the water. They do reduce arsenic, asbestos fluoride and heavy metals.

Some water filters or reverse osmosis systems cannot handle the demands of certain size households and leave people waiting for the tanks to refill before the water can even be used. Others use too much energy and their cost of operation is outrageous. It is also important to ensure that the water purifier that you select has been approved by the NSF and the California Department of Health Services. Our residential water filters use advanced reverse osmosis technology, have been approved by both of those entities and will meet your household demands and provide you with a continuous flow of clean, safe drinking water. Available for lease or purchase, these products use advanced filtration technology and will add instant equity to your home when it comes to drastically improving the quality of your drinking water.