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Choosing the Right Water Treatment Company

26 May, 2016 (11:19) | Drinking Water System, Hard Water Solutions, Impurity Solutions | By: admin

We often focus on making sure homeowners and businesses are making the right water treatment choice for their particular water needs, and this is a very necessary step. If a water softener is installed when actually a drinking water system is needed, the owner is out a significant amount of money and still hasn’t solved their problem. So while choosing the right system for your home is vitally important, we feel that choosing the right water treatment company is just as important.

When you know that your water has a problem, whether it tastes funny, looks off, or leaves residue on everything, you want to make sure you find out exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. So let us ask you this – who knows your area’s water the best? That’s right, your local water treatment company! Because we deal exclusively in the local area’s water we have extensive knowledge of the water quality; general hardness, contaminate problems, mineral issues and even what chemicals the local water treatment plant uses.

Local knowledge is a huge advantage when initiating a water treatment solution, but you also want to make sure that the reputation of the company you are using is up to snuff as well. One of the first places we recommend customers look to is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  There you will be able to see how well each business is rated, customer satisfaction and how well they follow up on any issues or complaints. If you are considering a company that doesn’t have a BBB profile, or a good reputation on any other business rating website, you might want to steer clear of them.

Pricing and purchasing options are another factor to take into consideration. Some of the nationally branded water treatment companies out there have been known to have much higher prices than locally owned water treatment companies, so make sure you check prices before purchasing. Of course this doesn’t mean just look for the cheapest price to make your choice. You will most likely find cheaper water filtration systems or water softeners at big box stores or online, but what you are saving in up-front costs often end up being more expensive when you take features, quality, installation, service, repair and aggravation into consideration.

When you choose a locally owned and operated water treatment company, you are not only making an investment in your community, but you can usually count on better and more personalized customer service. Here at Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullertonwe are a second generation business and just as we did back in the 1960’s we focus on providing high quality, reliable products with exceptional customer service – all at better than competitive prices. Our office is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable representatives, and with our 24 hour answering service you will always be able to speak to a live person. Give us a call and experience the Rayne difference!

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