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Commercial Water Softeners Good for Business

3 June, 2014 (09:13) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions | By: admin

You’ve invested a lot in your business and in turn, customer service. Could your business benefit even more from softened water? If you work or own a business like restaurants, health clubs, beauty salons, motels, hotels, resorts, condominiums, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, laundries, office complexes, apartments, car washes, farms and dairies, you may be able to enjoy reduced mineral content and buildup through advanced water softening technology and efficient components.

What does all of this mean exactly? Well, when it comes to businesses, water is vital to production and is a powerful business asset as many companies have recently learned. It has saved some companies thousands of dollars in reduction in detergent and chemical costs as well as operating costs and production efficiency. Our industrial water softeners come in a variety of models so we can adjust to your business’s budget, water demands, sustainability goals and space.

Our commercial water softeners come in various models and prices. One popular water softener can help reduce energy consumption, reduce repair costs for appliances within the workplace and reduce the need for special chemicals for boilers and steam-handling equipment. Likewise, softened water in commercial settings can extend the service life of clothing, linens, fixtures and appliances.
Our most efficient model on the market today provides a continuous supply of soft water as well. Our patented design allows one tank to be completely exhausted before switching to the standby tank. Each tank can be regenerated twice per day, allowing any business to keep up with the need for soft water. No matter which model you choose, you will see that our water softeners are cost-effective with high-efficiency operation and are built to withstand force, usage and continuous regeneration.