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Does a Water Softener Purify Water?

6 July, 2020 (12:45) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Uncategorized, Water Safety, Water Softeners | By: admin

water softener

A water softener has many jobs – but the one question we often get is, will the water softener also purify my water? Different systems can do different things – and before you invest in a certain system or brand, a little research on their functions and capabilities is important. You want to choose the right system for your needs and your wants when it comes to your home’s water.

Water Softeners

The actual job of a water softening system is to remove hard minerals like calcium and magnesium through an ion exchange process whereby the water passes through a membrane and resin bed, and sodium ions are exchanged for the minerals. Once the process is completed, you are left with softened water.

The Answer

Back to the initial question; Does a water softener purify water, too?

Water softeners only remove mineral or metal from the water. If you’re looking to remove any types of microorganisms, chemicals, or other contaminants from your tap water, you’re going to want something in addition to your softener. In this case, for both jobs, a whole house carbon filtration system could do the trick.  New water treatment technology is becoming available to reduce magnesium and calcium during purification – but it may not be as effective and efficient as seeking out both a softener and a reverse osmosis system, which does the job of reducing water contaminates.

Water Treatment By Your City

If you’re thinking that your municipal water treatment center removes both contaminants and hard minerals from your water, you could be mistaken. Local water treatment will reduce most contaminates, however it will not soften your water. We offer a number of products to address your water softening or water filtration needs. All of our systems are available for lease or purchase and our experts can help you to choose and maintain the perfect system for your household.

Softened water AND purified drinking water is only a phone call away!