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Drinking Water Significant Part of Dieting

27 February, 2012 (11:33) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water | By: admin

According to one website, about 50 million Americans go on a diet in hopes of dropping some pounds each year. Many are not as successful as they want to be. But what if someone told you that you could lose 5% of your body weight when switching to drinking water from fizzy drinks? Would you drink more water? According to a recent article from www.metro.co.uk, this is possible.

The volunteers in the study were divided into three groups; one group switched from calorie-laden beverages to diet soft drinks. The second switched to plain water and the third did not change drinks but received information about healthy choices. The study took place in North Carolina over six months, and “all three lost weight and inches off their waist. But those who switched to calorie-free beverages were twice as likely to lose five per cent, or more, of their body weight than those who were not advised to change drinks.” Furthermore, “‘If this were done on a large scale, it could significantly reduce the increasing public health problem of obesity,’ said Prof Deborah Tate, of the University of North Carolina.”

But drinking more water can also mean an increased risk of higher levels and consumption of harmful contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, minerals, and so on in your tap water if you are living in a problem area. To balance out the equation, you may wish to consider a drinking water system.  With a home drinking water system you can still drink as much water as you need to help lose this extra bodyweight and supplement your diet. It will just reduce the unwanted and potentially harmful contaminants that aren’t a part of your diet. Lose weight with safe drinking water. With a water filter, you have nothing to lose by those few extra pounds.