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Drinking Water Systems to the Rescue

30 May, 2012 (11:46) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

Drinking water systems and water filters seem to be a better option for residents all over the country these days. With so many studies finding numerous contaminants in drinking water all over the nation, we need to protect our family’s health by maintaining the integrity and purity of our tap water. Drinking water is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle – safe drinking water that is.

As discussed in a recent news story from WKRN in Nashville, a study has found “what starts out in someone else’s personal medicine cabinet is often finding its way into water consumed by Tennessee residents.” But because of the nature of this situation, we know that it could be possible all over the country too. This is not an isolated issue for Nashville residents alone. In the past, Tennesseans were instructed to flush unused drugs down the toilet, but new studies, including one recently in the Volunteer State, found an alarming number of chemicals in drinking water.

“The pathway from the toilet to the stream is pretty direct,” explained James Kingsbury, a hydrologist with the US Geological Survey. According to the USGS’s latest study, Tennessee residents are consuming through drinking water several surprising compounds such as caffeine, hand sanitizers, Ibuprofen, Prozac and insect repellant. “These are compounds that aren’t typically monitored in drinking water,” Kingsbury said. Franklin police Sgt. Charles Warner added, “I think that the average unassuming person probably thinks that they’re trying to do the right thing by disposing of the medication, but really all they’re doing is compounding a very complex problem.”

That is one of the main examples of how reverse osmosis can rescue your tap water. RO systems and water filters  can effectively reduce harmful contaminants in drinking water, providing a continous flow of safe drinking water at an affordable cost and with eco-friendly solutions. Safe drinking water is incredibly important in the lifestyles we deserve to live. But these products, chemicals, and medications are common household products used by people all over the country. Find a drinking water system or water filter that is certified by the NSF and the California Department of Health Services, and which has an exceptional warranty to protect you, while the water filter protects your drinking water.