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Eco-Friendly Water Coolers in the Green Movement

20 June, 2011 (14:34) | Drinking Water System | By: admin

According to one recycling website, Americans buy an estimated 28 billion water bottles each year. Their goal is to provide safe drinking water to their families without those unwanted, harmful tap water contaminants with easy accessibility. Good news for bottled water corporations, bad news for the environment. According to the site, only about 2 of every 10 water bottles are recycled, the rest finding their way to the nearest landfill. That is less than a 23% recycle rate for bottled water. Similarly, 4% of the nation’s energy is wasted on making the plastic water bottles alone. For one item, that is a lot of energy that could be put to better use. In this current push for eco-friendly solutions and the green movement we find our country in, the previously mentioned statistics don’t follow suit.

Many consumers aren’t sure of other eco-friendly options for safe drinking water in the home, but water coolers can be a great option for saving both money and the environment. Advanced water coolers can offer the same great tasting water without the mineral content or unwanted contaminants, which providing a constant flow of drinking water available to all members of your family – no matter how young. They are easy-to-use with hot and cold water features, and most contracts include a regularly scheduled change of filters to make sure your water is clean and safe to drink. Plus, on top of being nice for environment, they look nice nowadays. Look for a sleek, stainless-steel cooler to add to your kitchen, or look for one that will hide right under the sink. It is also important to look for a water treatment company with maintenance included in the cost of your monthly fees.

Drinking water is a vital element for human health. Your body needs water to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all your organs. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, removes waste, and protects your joints and organs. Water coolers may save you money, but it could potentially save many others in your community as well. For example, recycling or avoiding just 4 billion pounds of plastic can save enough energy to heat over 2.1 million homes. The choice to be greener is easy, get a water cooler for your home or office today!