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Hard Water is Hard to Avoid.

31 August, 2010 (04:07) | Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis, Water Softeners | By: admin

Do you know what’s in your municipality’s water? If not, do you know how to find out? Every year, every public water service is required by law to file a report called a Water Quality Report and make it available to the public. If you do not receive this document in the mail, you will be able to download it off the internet. This week, we thought we’d give you a general overview of Fullerton’s water report.

Fullerton, California’s water report looks pretty good overall. They are constantly checking water levels for contaminants, bacteria, and other harmful elements. According to the 2010 water quality report found online, all levels of substances are under state and federal standards. But towards the bottom of the report, something pops out; a small section outlining the dangers of lead in tap water. The City of Fullerton admits that they will provide high-quality drinking water, but cannot take responsibility for the materials in plumbing components, and service lines. They suggest that if you are concerned about the amount of lead in your tap water, to get it tested.

Another problem inevitably found in tap water in this area is hard water. As water flows over rocks and soil, it picks up many naturally occurring elements as they dissolve. Many minerals end up in the water, making it “hard.” The higher the concentration in the water, the harder the water is. While hard water doesn’t pose health threats, it does cause problems for common household activities like showering, washing clothing, and washing dishes.

Most times, hard water is visible through the results it creates. For example, hard water usually results in soap scum, film left on the body and hands, hair that is limp, dingy and short-lived clothing articles, increased scale in pipes and kitchen appliances like coffee pots or pasta pots, and clogged pipes due to this buildup.

Hard water shortens the life of your appliances and clothing, costing more money than necessary. It also reduces the ability of your soaps and shampoos to actually cleanse and do their job. The “squeaky clean” feeling on your body after washing is actually a tell-tale sign of hard water. It promotes a false feeling of cleanliness. Eliminating hard water is a personal decision and should work for your home or office. Many people choose water treatment systems or water softeners. Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton is a top water treatment company that combines affordable pricing with eco-friendly solutions and great customer service so you don’t have to choose a company based on just one of these areas. We have a variety of systems like water filters, exchange tank services, water softeners, reverse osmosis, water conditioners, water coolers, and many more. Rayne is the best solution for hard water, which in California, seems to be hard to avoid.