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How Old is Your Water Softener?

12 August, 2011 (12:12) | Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

As consumers, we regularly replace household appliances to keep them up-to-date with the newest technologies and increase energy savings. On average, we might replace a computer every 2 years, a refrigerator every 8-10 years, a car every 5-7 years. But there are some appliances that we may not think about replacing as regularly, yet they could be saving us both money and energy.

A water softener cancels out that nasty HARD water and will provide your home with a continuous supply of water without those harsh minerals that leave an annoying film all over your body and can cause buildup within your appliances. When working efficiently, it uses less energy than what it takes your appliances to use if you still have hard water. But older models, while they may seem to be doing the job, might not be up-to-date with the latest efficiency models, and could be causing you to spend more money with you electricity bill.

Do you have an older model of a water softener? If so, there are some important things you may want to consider regarding these savings. A more energy efficient water softener leaves much less of an impact on the environment, requiring less energy to run properly and many models use less salt and have much less waste than older water softening systems. Less energy means less cost for you each month. Similarly, less salt may be needed within the system itself, meaning less cost and less backache. Newer models can regenerate themselves faster and some models even come with a lifetime warranty.

Leasing, or making monthly payments on a new water softener can be just as cheap as the amount of energy you’re paying for overtime. We don’t really think twice about a new washer and dryer, a new energy-efficient refrigerator, or a faster laptop. These days, we look for energy-saving models of our appliances. Why not look into a new water softener one last time and keep up with the environmentally-friendly trend you’ve been working to achieve? It’ll be worth the energy and the money you save.