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Is a Whole House Water Filter Right for You?

25 February, 2020 (05:42) | Drinking Water, Hard Water, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Uncategorized, Water Safety | By: admin

When you’re looking to improve the water quality in your household, there are many water treatment options available. Some people choose water softeners. Others choose a drinking water system, and still others see the value of a whole house filter to treat the water in the entire home.

But, with hundreds or even thousands of models and brands on the market, how will you ever know which one is right for your household and which one is worth the investment?

What could be wrong with my water anyway?

Most of the tap water in the United States is pretty good and for that we are lucky. But, drinking water anywhere has the potential to carry industrial, agricultural or environmental contaminants which could have moderate to serious effects on your health. Contaminants could be man-made or naturally-occurring. According to experts, groundwater can be contaminated with disease-causing pathogens from fluids leaching out of landfills and septic systems, chemicals used for agricultural purposes, and some hazardous household materials. Most contaminants won’t make you sick immediately, but require long-term exposure for chronic health effects. That is why having a whole house water filter protects you so well.

What will a whole house water filter do for me?

If you want to prevent contaminants, you will want a home water filter. But, it is important to know all of the benefits before you start shopping around. Your whole house filter should:

  • Provide clean, filtered water  from every water source in your home, not just the drinking tap.
  • Allow for healthier showers and baths.
  • Extend the life of your water using appliances and pipes in your home.
  • Leave your showers and glassware spot free.
  • Give you softer, brighter and longer lasting clothes.
  • Leave you with healthier skin and hair that is free of contaminants.

When you invest in a product like this, you want it to be worth every penny – and ours are! Our technicians are experts in helping you choose the right product for your home. A whole house filter gives you peace of mind and safe water for your entire household!