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Is Your Body Clogged?

30 September, 2011 (11:44) | Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

Here’s an interesting thought… if you are not filtering your drinking water, your body is acting as a water filter. For most of us, we turn on the tap, knowing that our municipality has “treated” our water and that it is presumably safe. Typically, a glass of water looks good – no big chunks or funny colors. Years ago, I decided to try one of those little faucet-mounted filters to see if I could tell a difference. Within just a few weeks, it slowed to barely a trickle and finally stopped altogether. When I took it apart, you wouldn’t believe the stuff caught in the filter! Black chunks of something hard, little white squishy things, red powdery stuff, and just generally nasty crud. And, that’s all stuff you can see. What about the chlorine, nitrates, prescription drugs, and microorganisms that you can’t see?! Would you eat a spoonful of that? Probably not, so why is it better to wash it down in a glass of water?

So, back to my original question. If you aren’t filtering your water, your body must because obviously cells can’t take in and use chunks of black stuff, squishy white stuff, and red powder. So, is your body (filter) getting clogged yet?

We recommend that you give your kidneys a break. Invest in a reverse osmosis drinking water filter system and filter your water before you put it in your mouth. A reverse osmosis system uses a process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows clean water to pass through but traps the impurities.

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems can filter out much of the lead, copper, arsenic, cadmium, chorine, microorganisms, nitrates, and other contaminants typically found in our water. These systems are typically installed out of sight under your kitchen or bathroom sink but can also be linked to your ice maker for great-tasting ice. With such a system, you will never have to buy bottled water again, saving both your wallet and the environment.

A home drinking water system saves you money, saves the environment, and saves your body. You decide for yourself, but it sounds like a bargain to me!