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Look for a company with an A+ BBB rating

24 October, 2011 (12:12) | Water Safety | By: admin

Too many consumers are being scammed from the services they expect and deserve. From being sold lemons or cars with hidden issues, to contractors being paid for work they never end up doing, too many worries can come with trying to find the right and best products for your family. Water filters shouldn’t be something we have to worry about getting scammed over, but many times in the news, we see consumers being told that their water is dangerous and they need products among this false information, or even pay for products that are never installed.

Consumers have resources they can use to ensure their choice for professionals and businesses will not end in these stressful circumstances. For example, the BBB rates businesses on 16 factors, on a scale of A+ to F. When looking for a water filter, customers should look for a water treatment company who has an A+ rating with this business bureau. Similarly, consumers can research the company with the Water Quality Association, the Pacific Water Quality Association, read site reviews, ask for referrals from current customers, or consider the length of time a company has been in business. No one should be scammed from what they expect to get and pay for. Water filters are essential in providing consumers with safe drinking water and shouldn’t have to be an issue. Know your resources and utilize them before purchasing water treatment for your family.