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Making Your List and Checking it Twice

26 November, 2012 (11:44) | Uncategorized | By: admin

Company is coming!  How often have you heard that this time of year?  Maybe the kids are coming home from college and bringing some friends, your in-laws are coming and want to spend the week spoiling the grandchildren, or you’re just having some friends over for an evening holiday party.  Whoever is coming, and whatever the occasion is, the bottom line is that you have a lot to do to get ready.  From cleaning the house to cooking the food, the list of things to get done before company arrives seems endless!

As it gets closer to the time of your company’s arrival, the house begins to smell like a bakery, with all sorts of delectable treats being made and stored away for meals to come.  You’ve been to the store and bought the freshest ingredients but have you ever thought about the water that you used while cooking all that food?

Many people in the United States live in areas where the drinking water tastes less than great.  It could be tainted by chemicals and other contaminants that may not affect its safety, and are therefore allowed to remain in the water by local municipalities.  These things can certainly affect the taste of the water, however, and may still be noticeable in food that was cooked with water added.  Foods such as vegetables are especially susceptible to having their taste altered when cooked with or soaked in poor tasting water.

As you are making your holiday to-do list, you may want to add getting a water filter to that list.  A simple drinking water system installed in your home can save you the headache of cooking all that food, just to find out that it doesn’t taste as great as you had hoped.  You may have become accustomed to the taste of your own water and wouldn’t notice the poor taste, but company coming from out of town would be sure to notice the difference.  You may even find that getting a water treatment system at this time of year would save you money versus waiting until later since many companies offer holiday savings.  While you’re finishing up your holiday list, make sure you add great tasting water to it and check it twice!