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Need a 2012 New Year’s Resolution? Quality Drinking Water!

30 December, 2011 (07:47) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water Coolers, Water Softeners | By: admin

Make this year’s resolution one that will benefit not only yourself, but your family members and the environment. You will have a bigger impact on the quality of your well-being than you may have ever imagined and will be acting responsibly in the discussion on the conservation of water here in California. But, choosing products for your home which will give you just what you need isn’t always easy. Finding the right product like a home water softener or a drinking water system takes some knowledge on the part of the customer in finding the best products with the most impressive results.

All around the country, hard water is a serious problem — in fact it is the most common water quality problem in the U.S. Many consumers require home water softener systems to help alleviate the scale build up and damage hard water can inflict. What many consumers don’t realize is that a typical water softener discharges 600-2,000 pounds of salt each year (source: Central Arizona Salinity Study). In every home in America, consumers discharge everyday soaps, toxic detergents and harsh scale-reducing chemicals down the drain. A Rayne water softener system can make a huge difference. Find a water softener where you will use up to 80% less soaps, detergents and chemicals. That’s more savings right there! Then, sign up for Exchange Tank Service. This totally takes out the salt discharge concern with softening your water. In the best cases, the salt discharge rate actually nears 0% and water usage is reduced by at least two-thirds. Also, the tanks require no electricity in the home and no drain because a technician simply exchanges the tank when needed. Be sure to look for these water softeners that are eco-friendly that dramatically minimize water and salt discharge.

Looking for a water purifier, water filter, or drinking water system? These, too, can be eco-friendly, responsible products following your resolution’s requirements. First, find a drinking water system that uses significantly less water than a typical Home Depot Reverse Osmosis System. Not all drinking water systems are created equal, so make sure yours is friendly to the water in our state! Start your New Year’s Resolution today and provide your household with safe drinking water. The benefits to both your health and the environment will be visible and you can feel good about sticking with a resolution as so many of us fail to do.