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Office Water Coolers A Healthier Alternative

15 May, 2015 (05:44) | Uncategorized | By: admin

water_cooler_img[1]This week just so happens to be National Occupational Health and Safety Week and this is the perfect time to take a look at the office and see with what upgrades you may be able to improve the well-being of all personnel members. From dangerous locations to simple health initiatives, the safety of employees is nothing to be taken lightly. Safe working conditions and an emphasis on health can make for some happy and productive employees. The primary goal of NAOHS Week is to focus employers, employees, partners and the public on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community. We also think this means providing workers with safe, high-quality drinking water such as you can get with one of our water coolers.

Commercial water coolers  support a healthier and safer workplace. Preventing illness in the workplace starts with drinking water. Our water coolers are also an eco-friendly solution for any office who wants to go green and do their part for the economy. With just the touch of a button, employees will have hot or cold water and will never have the responsibility of lifting and changing out those large, heavy plastic bottles. Our water coolers are maintained and filters are changed regularly, leaving the work to us.

How can office water coolers prevent illness? For starters, filtered drinking water is better for your health as it will remove the worst contaminants from your source water. Water coolers also eliminate some of the concerns of bottled water. For offices that rely on the tap, some drinking water contaminants may be harmful if consumed at certain levels in drinking water while others may be harmless. This is one of the most important reasons to install a water cooler in your office space. Both tap and bottled water have numerous organic and inorganic contaminants in them.

Employees can also enjoy more brain function and health when drinking sufficient amounts of water, too. High quality drinking water and access to drinking water throughout the day improves focus and memory for workers. Studies show that water provides essential energy to the brain, keeps the nerve signals going, delivers nutrients to the brain, and removes toxins. We need to be drinking enough daily to keep the brain fueled and energized for optimum function. Another great reason for an office to install a water cooler! To learn more about our commercial water coolers and how they could enhance the safety and health of office employees, give us a call today and make occupational health and safety a priority where you work.

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