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Protect Your Groundwater Day Is Around the Corner!

31 August, 2020 (09:18) | Drinking Water, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water, Water Safety | By: admin

Protect Your Groundwater Day

Okay, so we know that National Protect Your Groundwater Day may not have made it onto your calendar, but we think that it’s worth telling you about. And, who knows … maybe you’ll celebrate somehow after all!

Acknowledging such an important day doesn’t mean we throw a party, but we could simply think about the quality of the groundwater around us. And, we can consider all of the ways we impact, consume, improve and protect it.

We all rely on groundwater in some capacity. The quality of our drinking water often relies on the quality of the groundwater around us. As such, we all need to protect our groundwater to help keep it safe and pure.

When is Protect Your Groundwater Day?

National Protect Your Groundwater Day is an annual observance which takes place on the first of September. It was established as a way to highlight the importance of responsible “development, management and use of groundwater.” Pretty important stuff, huh? It’s during this time that well testing and well management is emphasized. Your private well water is often at risk for contaminants. And, without a drinking water system in place to filter your well water, you could be unaware of what is in it.

Can we protect groundwater at home?

There are many things that we can do to protect our groundwater. For example, limiting pollution is a great start. Many surface water bodies are connected to groundwater – how we treat it is crucial!  We can also think about how important groundwater quality is for those municipal water systems that draw from and treat it. They are not always 100% effective, but the better the groundwater, the lower the treatment cost. And, the better the water may turn out.

Finally, groundwater is essential for families, farms or businesses on wells. When you have a private well, YOU are in charge of testing and maintaining the system. Groundwater protection helps reduce risks and contaminants in your tap water.

The fundamental keys

According to the experts, here are the two most important things to know about your groundwater:

  1. Keep it safe from contamination.
  2. Reduce groundwater waste by using it wisely.

How can we protect our water?

When it comes to your drinking water, you can protect it with a water filter. There are naturally occurring contaminants in groundwater, but there are also ways that humans can contaminate it too. These include things such as chemical spills, flushing or dumping pharmaceuticals, improper use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or such, improper storage or disposal of hazardous substances in general, poorly built or maintained septic systems, wells that are placed on poor sites or not maintained … the list goes on.

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are extremely effective at removing contaminants at the tap. By protecting groundwater and also protecting your home with a water filtration system, you can feel good about the improved quality of drinking water for your family. If you’re interested, we can provide you with even more information and guidance.

Let’s all think about the ways we can improve how we impact the groundwater around us. Consider the list mentioned above and do your part to conserve water, too. Together, we CAN protect our groundwater!