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The CENTSible Solution to a Hard Problem

16 October, 2012 (11:11) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Water | By: admin

These days, the media is full of doom and gloom about the state of our nation’s economy.  Everywhere you look, we are bombarded by messages about unemployment, high gas prices, and people losing their homes.  It seems that if there was ever a time to think about saving money, this would be it.  But where do you start?

Well, some people would start by trying to manage expenses over which they have some control…utility bills, groceries, vacations, you name it.  Another place to start would be to look at the condition of your water.  Have you ever noticed a white film on your glass dishes even after running the dishwasher?  Or, when you do your laundry, do you notice that it takes a lot of detergent just to get suds and make your clothes clean?  If so, you may be dealing with hard water and it could be costing you more money than you think.

Hard water is simply water that is high in mineral content, usually excess calcium and magnesium, and is the cause of that annoying white film on your dishes that makes them look dirty even after cleaning.  Many companies that sell water softener systems also offer a free water test, so you can see just how hard your water is and whether or not it needs softening.

Although hard water does not usually pose any significant health threat, it can adversely affect the life expectancy and efficiency of your water-using appliances by causing mineral buildup within them.  This in turn costs you more money to run them and exposes you to greater chances of having an unexpected repair bill or having to replace an entire appliance…exactly what you DON’T need when you’re trying to conserve money and live on a budget!  Whether you live in Anaheim, Fullerton, or one our neighboring towns, we at Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton have been helping people deal with hard water for over 40 years and we know that a new water softener is a CENTSible solution to a hard problem.  Come visit us today and see all of the water treatment solutions that we offer.