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The Higher the Grain, the Harder the Water

11 March, 2011 (20:46) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions | By: admin

Anaheim is known for its sunny weather, exciting theme parks, and close proximity to both Los Angeles and the California coast. But what many people don’t realize, including many Anaheim residents know is that the city is also know for having hard water. Actually, Anaheim tests around 18 grains per gallon, which is categorized as “very hard water.”

Hard water is water that contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium ions that limit the formation of lather with soaps, can leave an annoying white film on dishes, and create a mineral buildup formation on pipes and appliances which can cause damage to the appliance and decrease the life of it, costing much more money than if soft water were used.

Hard water makes water softeners a popular choice for many residents in the Anaheim area. One recent study explains the actual benefits of soft water on appliances and in using detergents. The article describes how studies show washing clothing with softened water can cut detergent use and energy consumption. Two new independent articles state that consumers can cut back on dish and laundry detergent use by 50% or more and lower washing machine temperatures from hot to cold just by using soft water. Peter Censky, the executive director of the Water Quality Association says that, “the benefits of softened water in people’s daily lives are significant.” “These studies show how consumers can save money and energy by softening their water.”

The environment can also benefit from softened water, both by the softened water itself, and the eco-friendly water softeners Anaheim residents can find at Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton. The results show that softened water might not only save consumers money but could also be environmentally friendly, Censky said. The savings weren’t just for “very hard water” like that of Anaheim. According to this article, the studies showed savings for hard water with grains as low as 5 per gallon. Everyone can save energy and money with water softeners.

The Battelle Memorial Institute did other research in 2009 and found that gas storage tank household water heaters operated on softened water maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15 year lifetime – versus as much as a 48% loss of efficiency in those operated with hard water. The longer the appliances last, and the fewer repairs the consumer has to pay for, along with the minimal detergent in the grocery cart means more money saved. This is huge for homeowners already finding themselves financially strapped in a poor economy.

Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton offers a variety of water treatment systems that can provide your household with savings both financially and environmentally. Anaheim residents can save money above what they will spend on the affordable water softener with a high flow, and user-friendly controls. To read more about these studies, click here.