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The Many Uses of Deionized water

14 November, 2013 (12:39) | Uncategorized | By: admin

Deionized water is  water that has been stripped of all minerals (or ions), including sodium, iron, calcium, sulphate and chloride. This “cleaning” process is usually conducted through specially designed ion exchange resins and filters that swap hydrogen ions (H+) for cations and hydroxide ions (OH-) for anions; these then combine to form a water molecule. We all know this deionized water is the better water for use in humidifiers and steam irons, but there are many other uses for deionized water.

In cars, deionized water can be used to top up lead-acid car batteries. If tap water were to be used, the impurities within the tap water would severely reduce the lifespan of the battery, where as with the deionized water this is no longer a concern. Deionized water is also used in engine coolant systems and for diluting concentrated antifreeze. Since the presence of salts can be highly corrosive to a car engine, it is important to use deionized water rather than tap water.  Deionized water has also been found to work great for washing vehicles as well since it leaves less water spot residue once it has dried.

In addition to uses with vehicles, deionized water  or high purity water  has many other commercial applications. Take for instance fire extinguishers, in particular those used where an electrical fire may develop. Deionized water  has a very low electrical conductivity and is therefore much less likely to cause severe damage to electrical equipment.  Along those same lines, deionized water is used to wash sensitive electronic equipment allowing any accumulation of impurities in circuit boards and other devices to be avoided. Aquarium enthusiasts also prefer this type of water due to the large reduction of impurities.   In addition, it also helps to prevent the development of undesired algae since it lacks silicate and phosphate which are essential nutrients needed by these plants.

Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton understands the many commercial benefits to using deionized water and can supply you with the equipment to help. Deionized water is gaining popularity as more and more consumers begin to understand the benefits to using a deionization process to purify water. From semiconductor manufacturing to food processing, planting and many other industries, Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton  offers commercial water treatment systems to fit your needs.

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