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Time to Get Healthy!

1 March, 2013 (12:22) | Uncategorized | By: admin

March is National Nutrition Month and is the perfect time for families all over the country to start making better decisions when it comes to their health and their diets. When we improve our food choices, beverage choices, and eating habits, we will begin to feel better. The key to becoming more healthy and making better choices is to start small – like eating leaner protein, eating more green veggies, or drinking more filtered water.The goal of National Nutrition Month is not to turn everyone into health nuts, but to make small dietary changes which, over time, can play a significant role in improving health. From children to adults, everyone can benefit from drinking more water.

Each year, National Nutrition Month has a different theme that falls within the goal of improving eating habits. This year’s theme is “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day” and “seeks to acknowledge that nutrition can’t be achieved via a one-size-fits-all approach. People have different lifestyles, cultural and ethnic traditions, and health concerns that should all play roles in individual nutritional needs and goals.” The best and most simple choice you can make to start is to start filtering your drinking water to ensure that the quality is excellent and it tastes great too. Too often, we take our drinking water for granted. Just because you cannot see contaminants does not mean they don’t exist. Although American drinking water is some of the best in the world, we still have to protect our homes and bodies from harmful contamination, just as many communities have to deal with too frequently.

Drinking more water will also improve your health in so many exciting ways. Water is necessary to regulate your body’s temperature, keep joints lubricated, protect your spinal cord and tissues, rid the body of waste through urination and perspiration, keep your heart pumping with more ease, and keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Staying hydrated is vital to your health as well. Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. It simply means your body does not have as much water and fluids as it should. As the body continues to lose water, which is not being replaced, our daily life can become affected. A lack of water will affect the way we work including our concentration and we may start to experience dizziness, fatigue and a general weakness of the body. Joints will begin to ache and become quite painful and you could suffer bouts of headaches, muscle cramps and constipation. Externally, your skin will lose its healthy glow and hair and nails will become brittle and dull.

Soft drinks and sugary drinks should be avoided when trying to make healthier decisions about food and drinks. are bad for the teeth and can cause tooth decay due to the large amounts of sugars they contain and alcoholic or caffeinated beverages are not ideal as they act as diuretics, making the body urinate more than it normally would and therefore forcing the kidneys to work harder. It isn’t always easy to make healthier decisions. When we try to make too many changes, too often we fail. Starting with increasing your water intake through a water filter is a great way to instantly feel better and look better. Drinking more water shouldn’t mean more worrying about contamination. Our drinking water systems effectively remove contaminants and will purify your water so you get the quality you deserve.