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Could E.Coli Be Worse Than We Thought?

31 January, 2011 (09:22) | Water Safety | By: admin

As if we didn’t know that E.Coli was bad for our health, but a new online article warns that people with gastroenteritis as a result of E.Coli contaminated drinking water are at an increased risk for kidney problems, high blood pressure, and heart disease later in life according to Canadian researchers.

We knew it could cause some intestinal issues, but this could be an even more severe issue for those with drinking water which has some traces of E.Coli. The researchers studied data from the Walkerton Health Study which, “evaluated the long-term health of adults in an Ontario town who developed gastroenteritis (commonly known as stomach flu) in May 2000 after the municipal water system was contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 and Campylobacter bacteria.”

The data showed higher risks for those with the contamination who needed to be treated. The data was so clear that more research needs to be done for explanations. Protecting food and drinking water is one goal of public health officials, which is why this has become part of the new discussion on water safety. So when it comes to keep your family safe, would you follow the number one recommendation for pure and safe drinking water? E.Coli produces short-term and long-term effects, but these health effects could also be prevented through residential water filtration systems. Drinking water systems such as water coolers and reverse osmosis systems are eco-friendly and affordable solutions for avoiding any contact with E.Coli which can infiltrate drinking water through fecal bacteria. Keep your family safe now and into the future with a drinking water system.