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Ever heard of the amoeba?

11 February, 2011 (15:56) | Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions | By: admin

Did you know that the amoeba that we all studied in middle school is being found in water supplies in the United States? Most people aren’t aware of this and most of us are too busy to wonder what might be in the water we are drinking – Too busy until we are sick, and it’s more than just a normal sick, then we begin to wonder just what we got into. Perhaps we should be taking a look at this before we end up with a whole bunch of Americans getting sick.

In recent analyses, amoebas are infesting many places where water was simply thought to be clean and had been treated for use by human consumption without concern. Seeing it showing up in tap water is a huge concern because some of these microorganisms can cause severe problems and even death. Even though it is known that amoebas can harbor many serious waterborne human pathogens, the U.S. water systems don’t have to screen for these parasites. Because there isn’t any concern in municipalities regarding this little microorganism, there also isn’t any testing to make certain there isn’t an infestation happening.

In 2003 in Arizona two young girls died of fatal encephalitis, a brain disease. Researchers, looking into the deaths, finally concluded that the deaths were brought on by water which was not chlorinated from a well on the family property. This water contained species of amoeba that is directly lethal, and was found throughout the plumbing in the home where these girls lived.

In another study, Florida has been found to have water containing other varieties of the amoeba, some of which cause the dreaded Legionnaire’s disease.

The United States isn’t the only country with a potential problem brewing; other countries also have this little microorganism hiding in their water systems. This little amoeba is so small but can cause such great harm to the human race; yet it’s hardly talked about or even known about.

It’s time to begin paying attention to these little microorganisms and get some testing put in place in municipal water treatment facilities. However, until that process can be done by the government, the best answer to the problem is to solve it with an in-home water treatment system. There are many available on the market today that are both affordable and effective in removing these little bugs as well as contaminants and chemicals. Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton is here to help you find the home water treatment system that will fit your needs best and give you the safest drinking water possible. Our own health and wellbeing is entirely up to us, the government can’t fix everything and keep us safe from everything. The water coming out of our tap can be amazingly safe to drink simply by treating our own water. Renting or buying a Rayne water system can guarantee our health to be great every single day, that’s great peace of mind.