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Deionized Water Benefits Businesses!

5 February, 2021 (13:01) | Impurity Solutions, Uncategorized | By: admin

deionized water delivery

Most consumers have heard of water treatment, reverse osmosis or water softeners, but not many people are familiar with deionized water. Just what exactly are the benefits? Who should consider it? How does it work? These questions are asked by many of our existing and potential clients, so we wanted to share some information with you all.

What is deionized water?

Without getting too scientific to the point that we are not understood by those without water expertise, deionized water is water that has had all ions removed. (This does not include oxygen and hydrogen Рwhen they form a covalent bond to make water, they are no longer completely ionized.)  Many businesses can really benefit from this type of water.

Why deionized water delivery for businesses?

When you invest in industrial or commercial DI systems, you are able to purify the water by removing the mineral ions and replacing them with hydrogen ions (which is additional water). There are several advantages, including improved performance.

It is often compared to commercial water softening, but is a more thorough solution in many cases. Deionization strips out the unwanted minerals and therefore improves the heat-carrying ability of the water. It also prevents sodium buildup and scale, extending the life of commercial water-using applications.

What types of businesses typically benefit from deionized water?

We have a variety of clients that use our specialized (and customized) systems because high purity water is necessary for their businesses to perform optimally. We even offer fast and efficient deionized water delivery because we know how important this service is to your business and how important your business is to your clients. Our clients have these types of businesses, among others:

  • Plating processes
  • Water-based coolants
  • Printers
  • Lab analysis
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Car washes
  • Window washers
  • Aerospace component manufacturing¬†
  • Film processing

What kinds of deionized water technologies are available?

We offer a selection – something we are very proud of. From mixed bed DI tank service or dual bed DI tank service to multiple bed and UV sterilization units, we have a wide variety of available technologies that can work individually or be combined. This allows us to customize just what our clients need.

If high purity water is needed at your business, then deionized water delivery may be the thing that can help you to level up and protect your systems and existing components. Fewer repairs, service interruptions or replacements leads to financial savings down the road. Are you ready to look into deionized water delivery? Our experts are ready to help – simply contact us today!