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4 Big Benefits of Commercial Water Coolers

8 January, 2021 (08:20) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Water Coolers | By: admin

Is your office currently lacking a commercial water cooler for both employees and customers? Providing clean drinking water fresh from the cooler can have some major benefits – from health and wellness to increases in productivity throughout the day. Your work environment just got a whole lot better with a water cooler – everyone will love it!

When we think of office must-haves, we usually think about a coffee maker, a picnic table, good parking spots, a microwave or maybe even a break room. These are cool and all, but we didn’t hear you mention a water cooler and we think more businesses should. Bottled water leads to a lot of toxic plastic waste and can be costly. Not our bottleless water coolers!

Commercial Water Cooler Benefits You and Your Employees Will Love

Health and Wellness

Commercial water coolers offer on demand and unlimited fresh water for everyone when they need it. They also offer a healthier choice for your employees. The option of great-tasting, pure water at their fingertips may be exactly what they want instead of bringing in sugary soft drinks or calorie-rich juices. Another benefit is that our coolers protect against contaminants. Some drinking water contaminants may be harmful if consumed at high levels. This is one of the most important reasons to install a water cooler. Both tap and bottled water have numerous organic and inorganic contaminants in them.

Money Saving

Bottleless water coolers are cost-effective and efficient compared to buying dozens of bottles of water or a bottled water delivery service. You will actually save up to 50% compared to bottled water!  It is a great way to get clean, filtered drinking water into the office. Our systems are also hassle-free for you. No lugging or exchanging big, heavy water bottles, and no storing them in the office. You will not have to wait for delivery if you run out, either.

Eco-friendly Products

Our systems have a smaller footprint and are an eco-friendly and efficient investment you’ll be proud of. We take care of the filter changes for you and using our coolers means reducing plastic bottles in landfills.

Employee Productivity

Studies show that employees who stay well-hydrated have better cognitive skills and mental performance throughout their shift. They will also be less fatigued, helping to maintain a better overall wellness, attitude and work ethic. Just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% drop in productivity! 

A Final Word About Commercial Water Coolers

Commercial water coolers are the best solution out there for providing your office with clean, safe drinking water. They’re cost-effective, sure, but even more importantly, they are a special touch that your employees and customers will truly appreciate. It shows you care about them and there is no greater gift. To learn more about our water coolers and other water treatment systems, contact our water quality specialists who will help schedule a water test or decide which product is right for your office.