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Effects of Hard Water No Competition for our Water Softeners

29 July, 2013 (11:16) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions | By: admin

Without a water softener, many homeowners attempt to deal with the obvious and annoying side effects of hard water. Until you live with softened water, you may be spending too much time, energy and money on your everyday home chores. Cleaning, laundering, showering, and doing dishes become difficult and time-consuming tasks that could be easier and less demanding with a water softener. Our water softeners cost less and do more than the effects of hard water alone, making it no competition for our products. 85% of homes in the United States live with hard water, making it a problem that is known by many but eliminated by few. Hard water is high in minerals like magnesium and calcium. Although not harmful to human health, it does cause harm to appliances which use water and make them less efficient down the road.

Hard water effects can include leaving a film on your skin after showering, causing frizzy or dull hair, requiring extra soaps or detergents to clean clothes, and leaving stains on dishes. When hard water film is left on the skin, it may prevent bacteria or dirt from washing off. Likewise, it leaves a buildup on shower heads, shower walls and can also keep bacteria and dirt in the places where you are trying to stay clean. When you wash clothes in hard water, soap curds lodge in the fabric and shorten the life of the clothing. Another costly effect is the buildup in pipes or appliances which use water. Clogs due to scale in these plumbing fixtures reduce water flow and will eventually require that you spend money on new fixtures. The operation of the water-using appliances also increases with hard water because it takes more energy to run the appliance as it must work harder. Most consumers who deal with hard water may realize the effects during household chores but do not realize the extra money they are spending on their energy bills.

Our water softener systems make all of these household chores and operations easier and more cost-effective. Soft water from our products will produce better function, efficiency, extended lives, and appearances of your skin, hair, and even your clothing and dishes. Clogged pipes and water lines are virtually non-existent with a water softener and your appliances will last longer. When your daily chores such as laundry, cleaning showers, or bathing become easier, your life becomes easier. Our water softeners can even reduce your home’s carbon footprint by over 14%, just on water heating! But an actual water softener must be able to reduce the total hardness to 1 grain per gallon or less, expressed as calcium carbonate equivalent. If you are buying a water softener, make sure it is WQA-certified S100 or similar standard. Our water systems have received the WQA Gold Seal for the highest industry standards.  Our water softeners come in different models, available for purchase or for rent so that all  consumers can enjoy the benefits of soft water. When you want the best water for your home, it is important to choose the best products. Contact us to see which water softener  will give you what you need and what you deserve when it comes to water.