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Stay Fit and Healthy All Season Long

9 July, 2013 (10:37) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

Well, it is officially upon us, June 21st marked the first day of summer and another season of … swimsuits.  Let’s be honest, many of us have to work for months to be ready for another season of beaches, vacations, fun in the sun and the dreaded swimsuit unveiling.  Now that summer is here, let’s keep ourselves looking and feeling stellar all season long – with drinking water.

One of the huge pitfalls of picnics, barbecues and the various parties we attend during the summer is unhealthy, calorie loaded drinks.  So many of the beverages we consume today are harmful to our bodies; however there is an easy, healthy solution.  You know the answer already, it is water and while that may sound plain and ordinary, don’t disregard its effectiveness.  Water gives us energy, helps prevent illness, keeps our skin looking healthy and fresh, moves oxygen through the blood stream and even helps us lose weight.  The beauty of water is that it can be the foundation for wherever our imagination takes us.  We can jazz it up to make some really scrumptious and healthy drinks or leave it pure, whatever we decide, the benefits are readily apparent.

If you are in the mood for something a little different, Prevention® came up with some Sassy Water Recipes that can help us curb the need to indulge in unhealthy drinking habits.  Not only are they beautiful drinks filled with healthy ingredients, they are delicious.  Their Cherries Jubilee recipe is downright delectable, and that is just one of the 25 recipes they have created.  The first step to making these drinks as yummy and healthy as possible is to use filtered water which effectively reduces harmful contaminates, chlorine and odor as well as dramatically improving the taste of tap water.  When we start with great tasting, healthy water we can create some delicious alternatives to the commercial, chemical laden drinks so prevalent today.

The benefit of recipes like these is that they are quick, simple and good for us.  They can be made at home using filtered water from your RO System or from a convenient water cooler that can be installed right in your kitchen.  Serving one of these inspired drinks at your next party or even if you just want to enjoy one at home while lounging on the patio listening to the sounds of summer, is one small step to keeping you healthy, fit and hydrated all season long.