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Fukushima Impact in California

25 February, 2014 (10:40) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water Safety | By: admin

International tragedy could soon be felt by people here on the Western coast of the United States thanks to the arrival of radioactive ocean water heading our way. Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant explosion cause tons of devastation in their own country, but now the coastline of California could be the next place for the effects to reach according to Chairwoman of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Allison Macfarlane, Bloomberg reports. However, what concerns us most is that it seems that some government officials and the nuclear industry are downplaying the severity and danger of the contaminated ocean waters while scientists warn there is no such thing as safe radiation.

A recent report from the writing staff at Common Dreams discusses the situation that the West Coast is about to find themselves dealing with, no matter who denies it. While the levels are well under EPA drinking water standards, former nuclear industry executive Arnie Gundersen states that all radiation is unsafe and there is no non-harmful level. He also warns that the danger will only increase as the ocean water comes closer because this is not a one-time wave we are dealing with but contaminated and polluted ocean water that is still being affected. Even scientists warn that claims that radiation is not harmful are deceptive. Although some of the effects have been calculated for cancer risk in Japan, scientists admit that it is difficult to predict the cancer rates for those on North America’s west coast.  However, the cancer statistics that experts are working on do not take into account other potential health effects like heart disease and genetic damage that radioactive water can produce.

Experts may not show as much concern, but some west coast cities seem nervous. Is yours? According to the article, the San Francisco Bay area city of Fairfax, California passed a resolution for increased testing of coastal seafood and a reduction of radiation emissions from Fukushima. If your city doesn’t do anything to protect you, what can YOU do? Drinking water contamination is something we are familiar with and this is one more thing we are prepared to fight off for you. Our drinking water systems  reduce harmful contaminants and you can feel good knowing that your water is safe to drink even when things are beyond your control. Through the process of reverse osmosis, we reduce the levels of contaminants and offer you the most cost-effective way to provide your family with a continuous supply of safe drinking water. Fukushima has done enough damage overseas, so protect your home with one of our drinking water systems so it doesn’t do any unnecessary damage on our shores too.