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California Water Crisis Requires Management Planning

3 February, 2014 (11:29) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Reverse Osmosis, Water Coolers, Water Safety | By: admin

The California water crisis and water shortage has been in the news more often lately and for good reason. According to an online article from SFGate, California is facing an increasingly alarming drought—one that has forced Governor Edmund Brown, Jr. to declare a state of emergency. But how can a drought become a state of emergency already? Things have become serious enough to prompt officials to review water management plans. Likewise, weather and climate predictions are also creating concern.

Last year was California’s driest on record for much of the state, and this year, conditions are only worsening. Sixty-three percent of the state is in extreme drought, and Sierra Nevada snowpack is now running at just 10 to 30% of normal. This means less water in the reservoirs for reserves and risks of water shortage in the near future. If the water isn’t replenished this rainy season, it won’t for the rest of the year and that will mean some changes and some regulations for consumers around the state. What are some of the biggest impacts? Well first, California is known for its agriculture. Farmers are likely to have considerably less water taking a toll on crops and production. Plenty of water is needed for fire season and in California, seven of the 10 largest fires in state history have occurred since the year 2000. Water is necessary to fight these fires and keep people and their homes safe. Also, the US Southwest—which includes California and five other states—can expect less precipitation, hotter temperatures, and drier soils in the future, meaning that by 2060, there could be as much as a 35% increase in water demand. Along with that comes a 25- to 50% increased risk of water shortages.

How can we help alleviate some of the water shortages? Well first, our drinking water systems use advanced technology so we waste less water than other systems. You also have the choice of getting hot or cold water from our water coolers which can reduce the amount of tap water your home uses during these times of concern. The best part? Our drinking water is safe because we effectively remove harmful contaminants and you could easily have up to 50 gallons a day of healthy, great-tasting drinking water  right at your kitchen sink.. We are ready for a much drier future, but are you? With our water coolers and drinking water systems, you will be.