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Great Green Living Decisions Start with Rayne Exchange Tank Service

2 December, 2015 (09:32) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

Soft Water Delivery with Exchange Tank ServiceWhen you choose Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton water treatment systems or Portable Exchange Tank Systems  or soft water delivery service, you’re making smart and responsible environmental decisions which will have an impact on your household and your community. We may not always be able to see what kind of bigger impact our choices have on the world we live in, but as you can see in our informational video, this decision has a positive impact on the environment surrounding us.

Our PE tank service comes with a feature called zero liquid discharge which will eliminate most of the negative rumors about how water softeners are bad for the environment and salt-water waste can affect groundwater quality. PE tank service is simply a greener way to enjoy the softened water you need. Kudos to you for being more environmentally aware and wanting to live eco-friendly! Just like wanting to recycle, conserve water or turn off your lights and appliances to save energy, this service will allow you to make the decisions you’d like in a world that needs it.

How you treat your hard water can most certainly affect the environment, particularly when you’re using a low-quality, wasteful, or polluting water system. There are multiple ways to soften your drinking water but some are clearly more eco-friendly than others. Choosing a high-quality water softener means you will use less soaps and detergents resulting in less plastic waste and your appliances and plumbing will last longer, too. Each day, the average American uses about 75 gallons of water. With an undersized and unmetered, cheap water softener, the water softener will have to regenerate each day. The more often your water softener regenerates, the more waste and salt discharge you are putting into the environment as you can see from the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSo9mY5i9ls#t=219. There could be 85 gallons of waste water and 11 pounds of salt wasted each day without proper equipment. The salt goes down the drain, through the sewer and isn’t good for the environment.  

Exchange tank service allows for no water or salt discharge. Until you exhaust the resin tank, you will enjoy softened water with nothing going down the drain and into the sewers. The tanks require no electricity in the home and no drain because a Rayne technician simply exchanges the tank when needed. Your exhausted resin tank will be replaced by a Rayne Water  technician who will then bring it back to the plant for yet another environmentally-friendly process as seen in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSo9mY5i9ls#t=219.  You can enjoy the ease and convenience of this service for a small monthly fee as we meet your household’s need for softened water and we’ll do all of the work for you! Contact us today here at Pacific Coast Water Systems of Fullerton to learn more about our PE tank service. We make green living easy! 

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