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Stop Wondering if you Need a Water Filter

28 October, 2015 (10:34) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

As any homeowner knows, there are a gazillion things that go into making your space your own. Paint, flooring, decorating and updates are all the little touches that make your home unique and special. Of course regular maintenance of your home’s vital components is required as well, and the condition of your water is one of those components that needs some attention. So how do you go about checking the quality of your water and what determines whether or not your home could benefit from the use of a water filtration system?

The first is simple; have your water tested by a reputable water company. A water test can determine if you have hard or soft water and can also give you a good picture of what contaminates could be lurking there. Once you know the condition of your water, you can make an informed decision as to whether your water could benefit from a water filtration system or not. There are several types of water filter systems and water conditioning treatments available, but first you need to know the condition of your water.

One good indication that you should have your water tested is if you notice an unpleasant smell or taste in your water. Oftentimes, even though your water might be safe to drink, it can have an unpalatable taste or smell which can easily be filtered out. Municipal water companies typically utilize chlorine or some variation of chlorine to disinfect the water supply and it can easily change the taste or odor of the water coming from the tap. A reverse osmosis system is stellar at removing chlorine as well as many other harmful components in your water.

Another warning sign that you might need a water filter is if you notice water spots or discoloration on your fixtures or water using appliances. Homeowners typically see these types of issues when their water contains high amounts of calcium or magnesium, meaning that they have hard water. A water softener is easily able to correct this problem plus has the added bonus of saving you money on costly appliance repair from early failure due to scale buildup.

We use water in just about every facet of our daily lives, so it makes sense that we keep it as clean and healthy as possible. If you think you might have a water issue in your home, or if you just want to have better tasting water at the tap, consider installing a home water treatment system We would be more than happy to come out and test your water and help you determine whether or not your home could benefit from one of these types of filtration systems. 

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