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Happy National Water Quality Month!

26 August, 2022 (13:08) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

August is a great time to raise awareness about the importance of the quality of our drinking water and all of our water resources. It also happens to be National Water Quality Month and with our freshwater resources being threatened every day, there could never and will never be enough reminders for the care and consideration that our water resources need.

The Underlying Purpose of Water Quality Month

We wanted to share the purpose of Water Quality Month so that we can all see the role we play. This annual event serves as a reminder of just how important our water resources are for both humans and aquatic ecosystems alike. Thinking about the actions we take each day and their impact on our water quality and our water quantity is essential to improving the quality of our water for years to come.

In the United States, we are fortunate to have access to clean water in comparison to some nations around the world but that does not give us a right to take clean drinking water for granted. And, it does not mean every individual in this country has access to safe drinking water either. Did you know that this has become such an issue that the United Nations recently declared it an ongoing global crisis with the potential to upend existence as we know it in as little as a decade?

The Main Causes of Water Pollution

  • A lack of strict water pollution policies allows for contamination of local waterways by dumping or inappropriately disposing of industrial effluents.
  • Agricultural runoff, or fertilizer runoff from commercial farms causing excess algae growth.
  • Leakage of untreated waste and other public infrastructure issues.
  • Products and chemicals used at home such as pesticides used on lawns or those used at golf courses and similar venues.

What Can You Do to Improve Water Quality?

To start making positive changes, you can start to consider the several factors that can negatively impact the quality of your local water sources. This ranges from industrial pollutants and which businesses you support, to the chemicals you use in and around your own home. You can also help those in your community appreciate your local water quality by:

  • Organizing stream cleanups
  • Planting trees
  • Monitoring water quality (and reading the water quality reports)
  • Adopting a watershed
  • Starting a monthly beach cleaning club
  • Washing your car at a car wash rather than on your driveway
  • Picking up after your pet
  • Sweeping your driveway rather than spraying it down
  • Not using fertilizer made with phosphorus
  • Not flushing medications
  • Taking used oil or antifreeze to a recycling station
  • Considering the soaps and shampoos you’re using

You can also consider an effective and efficient home drinking water system like reverse osmosis.  A system such as this can improve the quality of your drinking water right at your tap.

We have the means and the systems to remove harmful chemicals and other drinking water contaminants. And, Water Quality Month is the perfect time to consider how YOU can make your own household tap water safer and purer as you also consider what you can do for your community. This will take a collective effort, but together, we can do better!