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Tips to Help Kids Drink More Water

15 June, 2022 (07:26) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System | By: admin

Many adults have a hard time drinking enough water, and getting kids to drink more water can be even more challenging. Children tend to be active, probably more than ever during the summer, and they could be losing water through breathing, sweating and digesting. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of filtered drinking water has never been more important. We’d like to share some tips with you in case you’re dealing with a stubborn child, one who’s set in their ways, or who has their heart set on a sugary soft drink or juice box. There’s still hope!

Is Your Child Getting Enough Water?

Your child’s exact water intake needs can vary based on their height and weight, age, biological sex, activity level, gender, and even the weather where they live. As a general rule, your child or teen should drink at least 6 to 8 (eight-ounce) cups of water a day. Your child or teen should also eat the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables every day since fruits and vegetables have higher water content than other solid foods.

Most importantly, pay attention to the quality and safety of the water they’re consuming. Bottled water is not eco-friendly and is not necessarily safer than tap water. For safe drinking water, invest in a home water filter like reverse osmosis which will remove harmful contaminants that you do not want your child consuming as they increase their water intake. Filtered drinking water tastes great, is affordable and our drinking water systems are eco-friendly, so you can feel good about these new goals!

Tips For More Sips – How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

  • Download a water-tracking app on your or your child’s smartphone. There are many paid and free options such as Carbodroid or Plant Nanny.
  • Add variety like bubbles, fruit cubes, fruit garnish or fun straws. 
  • Get fun, reusable bottles for your filtered drinking water that you can fill at home. 
  • Set a good example and drink plenty of water, too!
  • Have the potty talk and teach your children about the color of their urine and what it means for hydration; dark urine could be a sign of dehydration. Light urine is a better indicator that they’re getting enough water.
  • Use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes.
  • Infuse your water with flavors and combinations like mint, berries, cucumbers, lemons, limes and so on. 
  • Buy smaller reusable bottles that are appropriate for their size and age. 
  • Set up a reward system for hitting water consumption goals. 
  • Choose water and serve water instead of sugary soft drinks and juices. 
  • Choose water at restaurants; it is a healthy choice that will save you money and calories!

For any of your drinking water needs, we are here to help. Contact us today to explore all of our drinking water system options for your home and family. Providing you with safe drinking water without the worry of harmful contaminants is what we are always aiming to do.