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Less Arsenic Means Less Cancer

20 February, 2018 (16:20) | Uncategorized | By: admin

arsenic in drinking waterWhen you’re a homeowner, you’re often concerned about the quality of your drinking water and any drinking water contamination that may occur. For homes with wells, testing and water treatment are left to your own responsibility. In both situations, a home drinking water system with advanced filtration technology can eliminate dangerous contaminants like that of arsenic, which can be very dangerous to humans who have it in their tap water.

In the past, there were higher levels of arsenic in drinking water because the EPA’s rules allowed for more. However, a recent report in the New York Times has some good news! Arsenic reductions in drinking water, thanks to the EPA’s revisions, and lowered allowed levels, have resulted in fewer instances of lung, bladder and skin cancers. It has only been a little over a decade that these changes were made, but we are already seeing positive results proving that arsenic contamination is deadly. This regulation does not apply to private wells, however.

How do they know? Research and survey results! Using data from a national health survey, urinary arsenic levels from 2003 were compared to those in 2014 after changes had been made and fully implemented. According to the article, they found a 17 percent reduction in arsenic levels among those using public water systems. The researchers estimate that the new rule resulted in 200 to 900 fewer lung and bladder cancers and 50 fewer skin cancers annually.

But what about the arsenic still left in our tap water? Should we be concerned? What about folks who have a private well? To reduce arsenic in drinking water, we encourage you to consider investing in a home water filter. Policies come and go, changes are made, but only you have the true power to protect the quality of your drinking water and peace of mind. You can control what is in your drinking water more than you know. We have plenty of products flexible to the water demands, budget and needs of your household. Give us a call today and let’s continue to reduce cancer rates by reducing your drinking water contamination!

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