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What are the best drinks when you are sick?

3 April, 2018 (19:10) | Drinking Water, Water | By: admin

Best Drinks For SicknessThe flu season this year has been unbelievable! The CDC reported that there have been almost 28,000 hospitalizations already this flu season – and that’s only the ones who actually went to the hospital with flu symptoms!

So what can you do if you get sick? One of the most common recommendations by doctors is to rest and get plenty of fluids. This is best way to help your body fight the virus. It’s also important to note that all “fluids” aren’t created equal. Drinking plenty of water will help prevent dehydration. However, the real question is, what exactly should you be drinking … coffee, tea, juices or just plain ole’ drinking water?

Drinks that ease flu symptoms

Some drinks are great for easing those awful flu symptoms, while others may make them worse. An article from WebMD listed four drinks that can help when you are sick.

Warm decaffeinated tea can help to soothe sore throats, upset tummies, stuffy noses and even chest congestion. Plus, how comforting is a warm cup of tea when you feel like covering up your head and dying? If you choose an herbal tea with ginger, your immune system may get a small boost, as well. Even better, add a small spoonful of honey to your tea – it can help soothe a cough and help you sleep.

Drinking filtered water with lemon is another great drink to try when you are feeling rough. Lemon is high in vitamin C, which may help fight off your virus and have you up and running a bit faster. Water, either hot or cold works to keep you hydrated and will help loosen up stuffiness and congestion.

Soup might not seem like your typical “drink”, but it does wonders when you drink it. The heated soup can relieve inflammation, break up mucus and give your body some much needed calories when you don’t have an appetite.

If all else fails, and you can’t seem to keep anything down, reach for the ice chips or a popsicle. They can help with hydration and will soothe a sore throat better than most things.

Drinks to avoid when you are sick

Most physicians advise against drinking sports drinks, fruit juices, ginger ale, coffee and alcohol when you are sick. The sugar in most of these drinks is not going to make you feel better and has little nutrients to improve your health. Likewise, caffeine can make you dehydrated, which isn’t good when you’re already at risk for dehydration.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones suffering from the flu this season, don’t forget your water and DRINK UP! Hopefully you will be feeling ready to conquer the world again in no time.

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