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Tag: water softener maintenance

Preventative Maintenance For Your Water Softener

28 June, 2021 (11:02) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

Investing in a water softener for your home is an excellent choice. It makes chores easier, gives you more free time, and saves on energy. Plus, you’ll see quite impressive financial savings over time.  But, none of these benefits will happen if your home water softener isn’t working properly and efficiently. Without preventative maintenance and […]

Water Softener Seasonal Maintenance Tips

20 January, 2020 (10:13) | Hard Water, Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

When you’ve made an investment in a water softener, you want to get the most out of your decision. Similar to vehicles and  our other appliances, maintenance for water softeners  is essential for optimal performance and avoiding costly repairs and breakdowns.  How often are you having your home water softening system serviced? What types of […]

What is the Best Salt For My Water Softener?  

29 September, 2019 (17:33) | Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

Salt is salt, right? When it comes to water softener salt, that statement isn’t exactly true. There are several different salt varieties, some of which are better for your water softener than others. Let’s take a look at the 3 most common types and the pros and cons of each.   Types of water softener […]