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Women’s Healthy Weight Day

13 January, 2014 (08:32) | Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Water, Water Coolers | By: admin

Healthy eating habits, drinking plentiful amounts of water, and a consistent work out routine are themain components to achieving a healthy body.  January 23rd is Women’s Healthy Weight Day so we thought we would take a look at this concept.  What is a healthy weight and what construes a healthy body?  Unfortunately, mainstream media and the beauty industry have skewed our perception of what is and isn’t healthy, especially when it comes to women.

There have been numerous articles written about the misconception of the perfect woman with the perfect body.  The women we see and idealize on the covers of magazines and on the billboards are almost always altered to make them look a certain way; thinner, longer hair, longer legs, smoother skin, smaller waist, thinner thighs, and even the right color.  Because we are constantly bombarded with this unattainable perfection, it can be difficult to understand what is normal and what isn’t.  Now this doesn’t mean that because you can’t attain “perfection” that you should just give it up all together, pig out and become a couch potato; not at all!

According to Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, there is a healthy weight ratio for women and it isn’t a standardized size 2 and 110 pounds, it varies according to height and age.  In fact there is at least a 20 – 25 pound weight range per height that is considered healthy.  We should all seek to attain a healthy body and adapt a healthier lifestyle if we haven’t already.  This might mean losing a few pounds, or exchanging unhealthy drink choices for more water, or starting up an exercise regime, or quitting smoking, but whatever it is, we need to reach for healthy, not the media’s idea of perfection.